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Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition

Track spell usage as your Pathfinder character prepares and casts spells.

The only app you need to help you keep track of how many spells per day you can cast and save you from flipping through your character sheet to find spell durations, targets and rules.

Use the simple character builder or import your character from a PCGen file (.pcg), then instantly get access to your character as you prepare, cast, and track the remaining duration of ongoing spells. Lookup the spell in the Pathfinder Standard Reference Document at the touch of a button if you need more detail.

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Spell Tracker is built for Pathfinder from the ground up. Try it for one session and you’ll never go back.

Create your characters fast

Using pen and paper to create your character? Use another app to create your character sheet? No problem! The easy-to-use wizard makes it simple to create your own character.

Everything you need on one screen

See the spells you know, have prepared, and have cast – all in one place. See the saving throw, targets, and range without even checking your character sheet. Save time, feel awesome!

Get the full rules in a single tap

Spell Tracker supports spells from every official Pathfinder source, and at the tap of a button you can look up the full details on d20pfsrd. Get all the info you need without opening a rulebook!

Import your character from PCGen

Import a huge range of characters from .pcg files including: all 37 races in the Core Rulebook and Advanced Race Guide.

All official Paizo spellcasting classes

Spell Tracker supports core, base, hybrid and prestige classes from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide and Ultimate Magic.

Available on Android and iPhone

Now the whole party is invited – Spell Tracker is available on Android and iPhone, so nobody is left out.

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Create characters in seconds

The app asks for the bare minimum to get started. No need to create everything from scratch – just a few essentials, based on caster class.

Cast and prepare in just a tap

Search spells on the fly, then prepare or cast in a single tap. View rules within the app on d20pfsrd. Includes support for Arcanists, Clerics and Shamans.

Track spell durations and effects

Easily track how long your spells have been in effect, and how long they have left. Advance time automatically as you cast, or manually when you need to.







4.5 star average rating on Google Play

Spell Tracker was built to solve one problem really, really well.  But what do the users say?

“Honestly the best and least confusing app I’ve come across for spell preparation and casting.”

Samantha Houston

“This is the best Pathfinder app since Pathbuilder. This is everything you need for spell tracking in one place.”

Hans Blomquist

“Really nicely done. Quick and simple to use; exactly what is needed and nothing more.”

Andrew Lock

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