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I’ve been playing Pathfinder for almost a decade. I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was a child. And since 2016, I’ve been building awesome apps to help tabletop RPG players (and GMs!) spend more time enjoying their game and less time tracking stuff.

Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition is an app I built to help Pathfinder spell casters track their spell slots. It tracks the spells they cast and prepare per day, tracks the effects from spells they cast previously, and puts all the rules they need at their fingertips. I’ve had an amazing response from the Pathfinder community, and now I want to take my apps to the next level.

By joining the Caster Level community on Patreon, you’re getting the chance to vote on which features should come to Spell Tracker next, influence which new apps I’ll build in the future, and get behind-the-scenes insights into my development process. You’re also making it possible for me to expand onto new platforms (not just Android, but iPhone and web too).

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