1000 new spells, 100 new sources, Occult Adventures, and more

1000 new spells, 100 new sources, Occult Adventures, and more

Ben Barbersmith January 8, 2018 Release Notes Spell Tracker 0

It’s been a couple of weeks, so I’m back to tell you about the latest version of Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition. Version 2.1.0 is full of features and bugfixes requested by users, most of whom came from /r/Pathfinder_RPG. It’s been amazing to have such a passionate community give so much feedback!

What’s the new hotness in v2.1.0? ???

  • Added over 1000 new spells from over 100 new Paizo sources.
  • Added support for Occult classes – say hello to the Occultist, Psychic, Mesmerist, Spiritualist and Medium!
  • Added the ability to add spells to a character that aren’t on their class spell list, e.g. for Clerics who can cast a spell from the Wizard list, or a Paladin who takes Unsanctioned Knowledge.
  • Added a spell search/filter to the spell lists on the character creation screens and to the prepare spell list. Should make it way easier to find your way around those long spell lists.
  • Added support for bloodline spells. Now your kickass boreal sorcerer will correct get access to Rage at spell level 2 when they hit Sorcerer level 5.
    • Thanks for calling it out, anonymous beta user!
  • Added an option to rest and re-prepare the same spells, for all those who have their trusty daily spells and want to start their day efficiently. Spell loadouts are coming in the next version.
  • Fixed a bug where Cleric domain spells that aren’t on the Cleric list were missing.
  • Made it more obvious how to edit and delete existing characters.

iOS version coming soon!

Poll results and comments from Reddit have been clear: the internet wants an iOS version of the Spell Tracker. So guess what? I’m going to release an iOS version of Spell Tracker! I need to sign up to Apple’s developer program ($99/yr, ouch) and go through the App Store review process, but I hope to release it by the end of February.

If you’re interested, join the Caster Level community to get notified when it launches!