Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition now has a manual character creator

Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition now has a manual character creator

Ben Barbersmith December 14, 2017 Release Notes Spell Tracker 0

Well, it’s been a busy 4 months. I’ve been working non-stop on my free Android app, Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition. The app helps you to track how many spells your spellcaster is preparing and casting, track active spells and their remaining duration, look up rules, and more. And it makes it super easy to add characters to the app, either by importing a PCGen file, or by manually creating a character, entering only the bare minimum of information.

Track spells prepared and cast in Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition

Track spells prepared and cast

After a ton of hard work, the new version is now availabe with a beautiful, fast, easy-to-use UI and support for manual character creation. You can get it on Google Play for free – and it’s now ad-free.

Back to the future

Back in 2015, I built and released my first ever app: Spell Tracker. I built it more for myself than for anybody else. I just wanted a simple, easy to use way to track spell slots on my Pathfinder wizard, and I wanted the app to just read all the information directly from my PCGen character sheet (with no manual data entry required).

The first version of the app was simple: upload your PCGen character sheet, and it would help you keep track of number of spells prepared and cast. It provided a few snippets of spell-related information and links to rules websites, but that was it. It worked really well for me and my real-life gaming group – and that was it. I never really expect anyone else to use it, or to fall in love with it.

Turns out a turn of people did. I got over 1000 installs organically over the next few months, and many satisfied users. But many more had complaints and requests. They wanted to create or edit characters manually; support for base classes, hybrid classes, and prestige classes; support for iPhone; etc.

I had none of those things. So in August 2017, I set out to fix that by providing an awesome new version of the app – built for speed, simplicity, and to support all those features that people kept asking for. And here we are!

New features, new roadmap, new Spell Tracker

This is the beginning, not the end. In the course of rebuilding the app I realised that I love creating tools for RPG gamers, and I want to do more of it. My users have been vocal and engaged over the last year, sending me requests and feedback. The main request, of course, was for manual character creation.

Create characters quickly and easily in Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition

Create characters quickly and easily

But now I’ve relaunched, and that #1 feature is complete, and I want to keep up the momentum. That amazing feedback has provided me with a roadmap, and a plan for the future. In the next few months you can look forward to new versions with iPhone support, new spells from new sources, support for the Occult Adventures classes, metamagic support, spell loadouts, Pathfinder integration, and much more!

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See you around, and keep on rolling!