Spell Tracker beta now supports Spell DCs and Metamagic!

Spell Tracker beta now supports Spell DCs and Metamagic!

Ben Barbersmith May 29, 2018 Release Notes Spell Tracker 0

The latest version of Spell Tracker: Pathfinder Edition is now available for beta users. ? It’s packed with a ton of your most-requested features including metamagicspell DCselemental wizard schoolsnew spells and more.

How can I get it now?

If you want to get access to these new features now, become a Patron today and get your exclusive invitation to the beta!

What’s new?

This new beta version includes an absolute ton of awesome features from the Caster Level 2018 roadmap, including:

  • Spell DCs! Now you can see tailored spell DCs in the Cast and Prepare screens. The app supports feats like Spell Perfection, School Focus, and Elemental Focus. It even calculates DC bonuses from bloodlines and other class features.
  • Metamagic! Now your characters can use metamagic feats when casting and preparing spells. Ultimate power!
  • Searching! The app now has filters for domains, schools, bloodlines, and other screens with long lists. The search is also more powerful, looking at spell descriptions, schools, types, and domains as well as names.
  • Ultimate Wilderness spells! Now you can enjoy all the awesome spells from the Ultimate Wilderness rulebook.
  • Elemental Schools! Your flavorful elemental wizards can now make full use of specialized elemental schools.
  • Improved character editor! Easier to use, easier to level up, and easier to see what’s missing. I want to give a huge shout-out to long-time Patron and supporter Kenneth for all his amazing feedback that helped make the new version so great.
  • Spell descriptions! Many spells now have one-line spell descriptions right in the Cast and Prepare Spells screens to reduce the number of times you have to hit “View Rules”.
  • Shapechanger support! Playing a sweet sorcerer with a Shapechanger bloodline? No problem.
  • Easier access to enable/disable rules sources! The sidebar is now accessible from more screens. This allows you to edit spell sources from the Cast and Prepare Spells screens or while editing characters.

There’s also a ton of fixes for Cleric and Druid bugs including missing subdomain spells, broken level 0 spells, and problems when using the “Enable/Disable Rule Sources” feature. ? Sorry about that, and thanks for all the feedback!

What’s next?

This new version will be available only to Patrons for a month or two while I finish working on paid subscription features like syncing and custom spells.